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Taxability on GST payable on Airport Levies such as PSF and UDF

  •  Passenger Service Fee (“PSF”)

Passenger Service Fee (“PSF”) is charged under rule 88 of Aircraft Rules, 1937 according to which the airport licensee may collect PSF from embarking passengers at such rates as specified by the Central Government. According to the rule the airport license shall utilize the said fee for infrastructure and facilitation of the passengers.

  • User Development Fee (“UDF”)

Further, the User Development Fee (“UDF”) is levied under rule 89 of the Aircraft rules 1937 which provides that the licensee may levy and collect, at a major airport, the User Development Fee at such rate as may be determined under clause (b) of sub-section (1) of section 13 of the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India Act, 2008.


  • The Director General of Civil Aviation has clarified vide order No. AIC Sl. No. 5/2010 dated 13.09.2010 that in order to avoid inconvenience to passengers and for smooth and orderly air transport/airport operations, the User Development Fees (UDF) shall be collected from the passengers by the airlines at the time of issue of air ticket and the same shall be remitted to Airports Authority of India in the line system/procedure in vogue. For this, collection charges of Rs. 5/- shall be receivable by the airlines from AAI, which shall not to be passed on to the passengers in any manner.
  • Section 2(31) of the CGST Act states that “consideration” in relation to the supply of goods or services or both includes any payment made or to be made, whether in money or otherwise, in respect of, in response to, or for the inducement of, the supply of goods or services or both, whether by the recipient or by any other person. Thus, PSF and UDF charged by airport operators are consideration for providing services to passengers.
  • PSF and UDF being charges levied by airport operator for services provided to passengers, are collected by the airlines as an agent and is not a consideration for any service provided by the airlines. Thus, the airline is not responsible for payment of ST/GST on UDF or PSF provided the airline satisfies the conditions prescribed for a pure agent under Rule 33 of the CGST Rules.
  • It is the licensee, that is the airport operator (AAI, DIAL, MIAL etc) which is liable to pay ST/GST on UDF and PSF.
  • Hence, the airport operators shall pay GST on the PSF and UDF collected by them from the passengers through the airlines.
  • Therefore, the airline shall not take ITC of GST payable or paid on PSF and UDF. The airline would only recover the actual PSF and UDF and GST payable on such PSF and UDF by the airline operator. The amount so recovered will be excluded from the value of supplies made by the airline to its passengers.
  • The collection charges paid by airport operator to airlines are a consideration for the services provided by the airlines to the airport operator (AAI, DAIL, MAIL etc) and airlines shall be liable to pay GST on the same under forward charge. ITC of the same will be available with the airport operator.
Author: Niranjan Reddy

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