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Lottery system in GST

The ministry of finance is planning to introduce a lottery system under GST. The objective behind this is to avoid tax leakage and boost up compliance. The lottery scheme plan is to hold daily and monthly lotteries for customers who take a copy of the bill after paying GSTĀ for business to consumer transactions, the official said.

As it was earlier said, the bill shall be uploaded on the portal/ app . The app will auto capture the phone number , invoice number and GST number of the trader. Amongst these the names of the winners shall be selected. This will motivate the traders to upload all the bills and get the lottery prize.

The system is yet to receive consensus at officer level. This system is in the nature of incentive to lure customers in paying GST and consequently increase the collection. Few minimum requirements are set for participation such as minimum number of invoices. Consumer welfare fund shall give the prize for lottery. A scheme of similar nature was in place during the vat regime named “Bill banao, Inaam pao” . This system will also help the government to keep a track of people collecting GST but not depositing.

Author: Niranjan Reddy

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