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GST releases offline tool of new GST return for trial run

Trial versions of offline tools forms are released by Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) on 30th July. GSTN provides offline tools that can be downloaded for filing GST returns.

The government has already announced the phase of implementation of proposed GST returns; accordingly the offline tools have been released for Annexure of outward supplies (GST ANX-1) and Annexure of Inward Supplies (GST ANX-2).

The taxpayers are required to fill the details of all the outward supplies GST ANX-1. However, GST ANX-2 , that will contain details of inward supplies shall be auto-populated mainly from the suppliers’ GST ANX-1.

These two forms would be part of the proposed GST Return filing system under which a taxpayer would have to file FORM GST RET-1 (Normal) or FORM GST RET-2 (Sahaj) or FORM GST RET-3 (Sugam) on either monthly or quarterly basis..

It will also contain details auto-populated from Form GSTR-5 and Form GSTR-6.

“The taxpayer will be required to fill GST ANX-2 by accepting or rejecting the entries of the details of inward supplies. The taxpayer can also keep the invoice pending by marking the entry accordingly.

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