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GST council to decide to reduce tax on Electric vehicle (EV) this week

In the earlier council, the members had referred the issues relating to Goods and Services Tax (GST) concessions on electric vehicle, electric chargers and hiring of electric vehicles etc.On July 25, GST council decided to reduce tax rates for electric vehicles.

To encourage the domestic manufacturing of e-vehicles, the goods and service (GST) council has decided to lower the GST rates from 12 per cent to 5 per cent. 

As the GST rate for petrol and diesel cars and hybrid vehicles is already at the highest rate of 28 per cent plus cess.

Tax structure for solar power projects will also be considered in 36th council meeting which will include the valuation of goods and services in solar power generating systems and wind turbine projects for the purposes of levying GST.

Earlier the government had proposed that for the purpose of taxing solar power projects, 70 per cent of contract value would be treated as goods which shall be taxable at 5 per cent, and balance 30 per cent as services which shall be taxable at 18 per cent. 

Further, the Council may also considered taxation of lotteries. In the previous meeting, the Council had decided to seek legal opinion of the Attorney General for levying GST. 

Currently, a state-organised lottery has a tax rate at 12 per cent and a state-authorized lottery has a tax rate at 28 per cent.

Author: Niranjan Reddy

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