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Filing GST returns a taxing task for taxpayers

Indore: The taxpayers are allowed to pay taxes for any undeclared turnover from 2017-18 as the provision available in GSTR – 9 annual return.

Although it is helping tax payers to regularize return filing but lack of option to upload invoices for the same period is hampering input tax credit for purchasers. However, the government should also allow uploading of leftover invoices

Chartered accountant Sunil Jain said, “By allowing taxpayers pay taxes for any undeclared turnover, a lot of people will be benefitted but at the same time it is creating issues because there is no option to upload invoices for the same period. This is creating trouble for purchasers in claiming ITC.”

As the last date of filing GSTR annual returns is 31st August, the taxpayers are already facing problems in filing GSTR annual and unable to upload invoices for undeclared turnover is one of them. 

Another one is Harmonized System Codes (HSN) purchase details and ambiguity over comparing actual turnover in books of account with GSTR-3B or GSTR-1 is also hitting process of audits.

It was said that pace of filing returns for taxpayers with annual turnover of more than Rs 2 crore under GSTR-9C is slow owing to technical issues.

“Uploading of a single report under GSTR-9C is taking about 2 to 3 minimum attempts because portal shows error and the worst part is that the error is not self-explanatory. So every time an error comes, we have to generate a ticket to resolve the issue”.

“Major issue in filing return is getting details of HSN code, inward and outward supply from taxpayers.”

There are about four lakh taxpayers in Madhya Pradesh registered with Goods and Services Tax department. 

Chartered accounts demanded that an advisory should be issued by the department on precaution needs to be taken while uploading reports to avoid errors. 

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Author: Niranjan Reddy

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