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Download New GST Return Filing Offline Tool (ANX-1 & ANX-2)

GSTN has released the Trial version of Offline Tool for filing of GST returns under new GST mechanism (ANX 1 and ANX 2).

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This will help stakeholders familiarize with new functionality and to get their practical feedback/suggestions for necessary improvement of the offline tool before its actual final deployment.

Tax professionals and Accountants will get an idea as to how this tool works and what are the requirements for the parallel with the ground working of the tool. 

Under the Download section of GST Portal, you can find the offline tool. The detailed guidelines for using the tool are provided in the ‘Help’ section, on each page of the tool. Also, detailed User Manual and Help is also available on the GST Portal under “Help” section.

 The New Return Offline Tool has following main components:

  1. Form GST ANX-1: All the outward supplies will be detailed in GST ANX-1. For preparing outward supplies details by entering details for each document or by importing from an excel file. The template of excel sheet is also available along with the Tool.
  2. Form GST ANX-2: GST ANX-2 will contain details of inward supplies auto-populated mainly from the suppliers’ GST ANX-1. It will also contain details auto-populated from Form GSTR-5 and Form GSTR-6.
  3. Matching Tool: For matching of data of GST ANX-2, downloaded from GST Portal with Purchase register.

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New GST Filing Offline Tool Installation Process 

Under the Download section of GST Portal, you will have to install the tool by clicking on download. But before starting with the installation process, make sure to have a look at the Readme document. And then Double-click on GST New Return Offline Tool for installing the offline tool.

After that, a zip file will be downloaded which contains – New Return GST Offline tool (Application), ANX-1 Excel Template, ANX-1 section-wise CSV files, Purchase Register Excel Template, Readme and User Manual.

Now you can run the GST New Return Offline Tool.exe file.

What are the facilities available in the Trial Version of Offline Tool

  1. Preparation of GST ANX-1 by using the tool to directly fill up data (details of invoices etc.) in it.
  2. Preparation of GST ANX-1 by using Excel/CSV template provided with the tool and importing the same into the Tool using GST ANX-1 functionality.
  3. Creation of JSON File of GST ANX-1 using the Tool and uploading it on GST Portal, after logging into the Portal. This data will be auto-populated in the GST ANX-2 of the recipient taxpayer.
  4. Downloading the auto-drafted ANX-2 from the dashboard at GST Portal and opening the same in the Offline Tool.
  5. Importing the Purchase Register in the Offline Tool for matching with ANX-2 downloaded from the GST Portal. Taxpayers will have to use Excel/CSV template provided with the tool to prepare their Purchase Register and import the same in this Offline Tool.
  6. Comparing the auto populated GST ANX 2, downloaded from the Portal and the Purchase Register using the Matching Tool provided in the tool to identify documents which are fully matched, partially matched or not matched.
  7. Taking actions of Accept, Reject or Pending on ANX-2 downloaded and matched with Purchase register.
  8. Creating JSON file of final ANX-2 and uploading the same on GST Portal.
Author: Niranjan Reddy

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