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Chief Commissioner warning: Stern action if GST returns are not filed

The due date of filing GST return for FY 2017-18 is 31st August, in which taxpayers are required to file consolidated details of the monthly returns.

Only 15 days are left and 80% of traders have not filed it so far despite of the date had been extended several times.

With regards to the filing if return, Chief Commissioner of Customs and CGST Visakhapatnam Zone, Naresh Penumaka said that the date would not be extended further and failure to do so will attract very severe consequences, including hefty penalty.

Further warned, Besides, not passing on the benefit of GST to customers or indulging in any fraud in input tax credit or any attempt to use it as working capital or not remitting GST collected from consumers might lead to imprisonment.

As a suggestion he said, one should approach the nearest Central Excise officials for hand-holding and filing the returns.

Traders should also issue a bill collecting GST as per the reduction effected by the GST Council from time to time.

For checking the GST frauds, The Directorate General of Analytics and Risk Management was analysing bulk. The National Anti-Profiteering Authority would also investigate it.

He denied that cumbersome process was the reason for the delay in filing returns citing 90 % compliance at the national level and some States reporting as high as 70%. “Some are deliberately delaying payment.

Also, the Central Excise and Service Tax dues pending for the past two years also should be paid in two weeks, Mr. Naresh said warning of imprisonment of it was not complied with.

Related to new GST returns, it was revealed that with the modifications in GST returns from October and January 2020 new returns should be filed and GSTR 3B would be done away with.

While emphasizing for the payment of the tax, Mr. Naresh said that the current year’s target for Andhra Pradesh was ₹58,222 crore against which so far only ₹16,037 crore was collected and the previous year’s collection was ₹50,000 crore.

Hence, traders should file returns and pay the tax to improve collection.

Mr. Naresh also urged importers and exporters to make use of the trade facilitation measures in Customs as only 51% of importers were using the Direct Port Entry and 6 % of the exporters Direct Port Entry schemes.

Principal Commissioner, Customs, Visakhapatnam Zone, D.K. Srinivas, said there was exponential growth and for the first time the zone crossed ₹10,000 crore mark in customs duty collection in the previous year.

It kept pace with the 20% increase in the target during the current year with ₹4,700 crore collected in the first four months. Besides IGST returns and ‘drawbacks’ of ₹400 crore was paid. Principal Commissioner, GST of Visakhapatnam Zone, Faheem Ahmed, announced the schedule for awareness programs in the city and divisions.

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Author: Niranjan Reddy

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