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Businessmen protest delay in GST refund

City businessmen are frequently protesting for delay in GST refund against both the state and the central GST departments.

Businessmen mentioned the cause of delay as the due process for refunds was not being followed by the departments concerned.

Rajkumar Singla, president of the Fasteners Suppliers Association of Ludhiana, said: “Getting GST refunds is a headache these days as even after following the due process we are not getting back our GST refunds on time”.

He said that we have to beg from the department for our own hard earned, shocking. Along with GST refund, some of our members still have their VAT refunds pending. This is nothing less than harassment for us.

“We have now decided that we are going to meet officials of the central GST department next week and seek intervention of the principal commissioner for resolution of our problems related to refunds.”

Atul Saggar, general secretary of Apparels Manufacturers Association of Ludhiana, “The government should rework on the refund system for GST as even after almost two years of its launch, the system has still not been streamlined.”

Ajay Sehgal of cycle parts manufacturer said “This is our own money for which we are forced to make repeated requests even after following all the rules and regulations.”

Author: Niranjan Reddy

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