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443 Chandigarh businessmen get notices of Tax mismatch

Mismatch in the sale and purchase may penalized taxpayers with a notice. This move has been taken for the transparency.

The excise department recently strengthened its information technology (IT) and even hired professionals to not only nail down tax violators but keep a watch on the tax records daily.

Recently, the excise and taxation department has detected discrepancies in the sale and purchase record of 443 city-based businessmen from April 1 till August 30.

These businessmen received the notices by the department asking clarification in the mismatch in the records of their goods and service tax (GST) accounts.

The department has two modes of matching the records, one is Red Flag Indicators and E-way Bill. Employees and officers of the excise and taxation department are tracking the registered 20,000 businessmen on a regular basis.

 “In Red Flag Indicators, we have five parameters like default of top taxpayers for return period and difference in declared liability in e-way bill through which checking is being done among others. Under in E-Way Bill, there are six parameters.

Deputy commissioner-cum-excise and taxation commissioner Mandeep Singh Brar said, “We have been analyzing the data and conducting the exercise to check transparency. Technology is playing a vital role in the task.”

R K Chaudhary, assistant excise and taxation commissioner, said, “We have received 443 cases of mismatch of financial record. Notices have been served to these people. The entire data of both sellers and buyers goes to the central government-based Good and Services Tax Network. We receive raw data from there related to different segments of businessmen and then filter it.”

The GST revenue for the first five months of the financial year of 2019-2020 (from April to August) showed a rise of 10.77% for Chandigarh.

According to the records, the excise and taxation department of the UT administration received Rs 583 crore in the first five months. During the same period in the last financial year of 2018-2019, the amount was Rs 526 crore. Under the written compliances, the excise and taxation department has stood first. The department carried all returns from 20,000 registered businessmen taxpayers.

Author: Niranjan Reddy

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